Mobile Social Networking

Mobile network marketing? We all know how social networking works. A friend has friends, who in turn, have friends of their own. This chain goes on and on and may, many times, come back to you.

This fact leaves unlimited potential for you to meet with other people. Although it was impossible in the past to actually go over and meet your network, the emergence of the technology and brilliance of the internet has put all people within the reach of our fingertips.

Now, however, it seems that people are no longer content with just being able to connect with the whole world. Nowadays, people want to connect with the whole world while on the go.

And so, as demand breeds innovation, we now have mobile social networking.

Mobile social networking takes form in a variety of ways. One of the most common forms of mobile social networking is through mobile phones, of course.

Mobile providers often form mobile social networking groups in order for their users to connect with each other. Of course, this type of mobile social networking exists for reasons less noble than friendship.

In fact, some mobile social networking services are formed because of the age-old reason of profit. Think of it: if you meet more people through your mobile phone, it means that, in order to get in touch with them, you’ll have to use your mobile phone, right?

And in using your mobile phone, mobile companies actually get more profit. And so, the charade goes on…

Mobile social networking, however, can have a variety of advantages. With mobile social networking, you can easily get in touch with your contacts. With mobile social networking, you can connect with your friends without having to lug around a PC.

Everyone knows how important travel is nowadays. Nowadays, in order to be truly successful, you can’t just stay in one place.

And with that fact, you have to realize how hard it is to meet new people and make new friends nowadays. However, with mobile social networking, you can do what every person nowadays does all the time: multi-task.

Mobile social networking can help you forge friendships and expand your horizons while you are on the way to improve your professional life.

Mobile social networking also helps you in ways other than by expanding your social life. By using mobile social networking, you can get in touch with the people you need to help you with your job.

Remember that in this world, it is often who you know, and not what you know, that counts. Mobile social networking can help you expand your network so much that you can actually claim to know every person that counts.

What make mobile social networking so valuable, well, it’s a tool forged of technology. And, as such, mobile social networking has the potential to become much greater. When today, people think of themselves as citizens of a global community, mobile social networking can make them truly so.

This would end any prejudices and hatred borne by misunderstanding and fear. Sure, this may seem like a dream, but everyone can dream, right?

These are just some things you may want to know about mobile social networking. As for other facts, well, technology has put them all within the reach of your fingertips.

All you need to do is reach.

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How Safe is Online Social Networking?



Generally, online social networking means no harm to the users. These online social networking sites have been created for the basic grounds of pure fun. And indeed they are! A lot of high school and college students are into the hype. They are very fond of signing up to social networks. Online social networking enables people to stay in close contact with individuals who are interested in meeting friends, building relationships, and those who are simply interested to share a part of themselves.

How is it that online social networking is a danger particularly to teens?

Like a dark and deserted road, online social networking presents various facets of good and bad arenas. As for the good part, online social networking is a form of communication. It enables people to stay connected no matter how far they are from each other. It is a means of meeting new people, strengthening the foundations of friendship, and so on. But then just like any other thing, there is a graver side to that. There are predators and monstrous creatures that are hidden on all corners. Teenagers in particular are the most common victims. Why so?

A lot of dangers are manifested through these online social networking. There are those pedophiles who are on the look out for young women, married people who intend to start with illicit love affairs, and some individuals who would simply get sick if they are not able to harass the younger generations. Sometimes, malicious ads also creep the online social networking websites that adult-oriented stuffs just pop out of nowhere as the members start browsing the internet.

It is very common for teenagers to spot nude photos of people, pornographic videos, and the likes. There are also hundreds of individuals who manage to start a good friendship but then there lay their ulterior motive of bringing harm to the youngsters.

What can online social networking website administrators do to stop these occurrences?

The malicious practices of less humane individuals stain the real purpose of these online social networking websites. They impose harm to the innocent users of this communication medium. Website administrators tend to let members report the illegal and profane use of profiles that they encounter, the uploading of pornographic materials, and other harmful and threatening occurrences. As much as possible, the members should be 18 years old and above but because it is an online form of communication, several people adjust their age for them to be able to successfully sign up. There are also online social networking websites which only allow wholesome stuff to be uploaded so that the younger members will not get harassed in any form.

What implication does this harm or threat pose to the society?

Regardless of the malicious intents of the pervert members of online social networking, it only proves to everyone how unsafe the world is today. It does not only cover the sake of the teenagers but of the adults as well. Imagine: if harassment can happen to teenagers, so can it happen to the adults.

There lies the question of whom to trust and whom not to trust, of the safe and the unsafe, and a lot more other pressing concerns. Therefore parents and website administrators should work hand in hand to protect the welfare and innocence of both the kids and the adults using social networking.

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In the past Social networking experts were hard to find. Nowadays, because of the ever-increasing need for connections and networking, the number of people who can set up such connections has increased.

Jobs that require the services of social networking experts have been steadily increasing as more and more people have begun to see the potential of such sites.

Social networking experts are people who have specifically studied the workings of such sites and who can help you with the setting up of one.

What should a person look for in  social networking experts?

1. Experience – Of course, one cannot be branded as a true expert without experience. Remember that experience is the key to expertise. A social networking expert must not only have studied social networking but must have faced different problems enough times to know how to fix them.

Some people mistake experience for the number of years on the job. You should learn to judge the amount of a social networking expert’s experience not by the number of years he has been a social networking expert but what he has gone through.

After all, no matter how long you’ve been on the job, if you’ve been doing nothing, you haven’t got any experience, have you?

2. Reputation – If you’re hiring  social networking experts, don’t take his/her word for it. Try to find out from other sources about the ability of this social networking expert to do the job.

Naturally, a good social networking expert will have people say good things about him or her. This would assure you that he or she would do a good job with you too.

The references of  social networking experts should also be checked to see if they are truly authentic. There have been many cases in which an applicant faked his or her references in order to increase his or her chance of being hired.

The reputation of  good social networking experts precedes him or her.

3. Specialization – A social networking expert should specialize in one field. This makes him or her more qualified than dabbling in many fields but mastering none.

This also gives you and idea about what type of social networking site to set up. The specialization of a social networking expert will also help you concentrate your effort to drawing in a certain demographic. This would be much easier than trying to create a world phenomenon, but it would be just as effective.

4. Connections – A good social networking expert, of course, has connections to people who can help you out in times when he or she can’t handle the problem alone. A good social networking expert can get you in touch with different people who may be able to help you when he or she cannot.

This assures you that the social networking expert is very professional and can do the job you need him or her to.

5. Attitude – Of course all of the skills, all of the other characteristics would be useless without the proper attitude to apply them.

A social networking expert needs to be driven enough to keep working on the most difficult problem. Sometimes, the heart of a person can make all of the difference between a good worker and a bad one.

These are just some of the things you should look for in a social networking expert. Remember that in order to truly get the best, you need to look very hard.

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Link Building: A Lucrative SEO Job


Link Building: A Lucrative SEO Job for the future. With web development becoming more and more available to almost every internet user and with the increasing number of platforms allowing virtually anyone to create his or her own website, it is expected that the competition for online traffic become tougher and tighter by the hour. And with many businesses today basing their operations entirely on the internet, it should also come as no surprise if they do everything to make their page ranks higher to drive more visitors to their sites. This whole business of traffic-driving is called search engine optimization or SEO. The best thing about SEO is it creates so many online jobs that can be done from the comfort of one’s home.

One of these SEO jobs is link building. Basically, it is the creation of links in other websites that lead to the website being optimized. That may be quite a too simplistic definition but it explains in the simplest terms how link building is done.

Searching for link building freelance opportunities, I stumbled upon the following job post, which I found quite funny.

“I want as many as possible links to my site. I only need to be ‘famous’ for 10 days. After that, it doesn’t matter if I’m blacklisted or whatever. I need to be No 1 on Google on the 15th of May. Absolutely, positively. If I am toast by the end of May, doesn’t matter. So I want porn links, link farms, blog spam. Everything! I MUST be No. 1 on the 15th of May for at least 24 hours. Bid a low to win. If I am no. 1 on 15/05/10, I WILL pay $600 U.S. dollars as a bonus. Guaranteed. My regular employee rating is 9.985. I’m sorry, but I am undercover for this one as it is flying under the radar.”

This job ad was created on April 20 the same year. I found it funny because the buyer seems to be really desperate to rank number on Google’s search results in such a short time. And the poster even had a specific target date for it! Whose curiosity wouldn’t be piqued by that? What kind of site could it be?

Well, I never found out because I didn’t even think of applying for it. Obviously, the buyer was looking for a link building team. An individual couldn’t possibly deliver the results the buyer wants in a very short period of time. But even with a team of link builders, they would have to have a really, really good strategy to give the buyer’s website the highest possible page rank even for just a day.

Doing link building per se is quite easy. You just need to post links in forums, comment threads, online site directories, blogs, etc. But getting good results, i.e. a boost in page ranking, isn’t as easy. Therefore, the practice of link building should be done with quality in mind. When we say link quality, we are talking of how creative links are.

Link building freelancers should be able to make their forum and blog posts more engaging and more credible-sounding so other people won’t think of them as mere spammers promoting their websites.

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Who is not familiar with online journals and blogs? Who is not aware that the internet is the best place to advertise your business needs? Most people do, so to speak! The internet has paved the way for the term known as the social networking. In the past years, social networking was met with many arduous obstacles but then as time passed by and with the amazing technological advancements known to mankind, this thing called social networking has come to work out as planned and as flawless as possible.

The many social networking-related sites of today include the Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and a lot more. With millions of members enjoying the opportunity of staying connected with their friends from faraway places. These social networking sites are nonetheless not only geared towards the communication of friends. They are also meant to increase the potential of business networking facilities. And to date, this market is undoubtedly moving forward and ever growing!

Social networking websites have certainly reached its highest point. The internet has devised a revolution which did not only make the search for information quick, easy, and reliable but also opened new doors for the business industry. The best and easiest way to search for business partners is in the internet! Yes, you’ve read it precise and vivid. Due to the overwhelming response of the people to the increasingly popular social networking sites, they have also become good avenues of linking business partners with one endeavor together. Social networking sites are undoubtedly E Business fields that permit the buildup of business communications as well as the quick and easy search of potential business partners.

Through social networking sites, connection builders, and business tandems are formed. They get to interact through blogs, journals, and the forums. They also get to chat with each other via the web to discuss the pertinent details. Everyone is surely overly exposed to home-based job opportunities and web content writing. Now these are just some of the businesses conducted through the aid of these commendable social networking sites.

Networking is the term. A networking channel is built up where everyone who wishes to involve him or her to any business-related venture can practically draw business partners. It is through the social networking sites that one is able to provide and send his or her own contact details to someone he wishes to reach. Social networking sites also rid people of the hassles in getting the perfect business partner matches.

Social networking sites also enable one to invite other people who may take interest in doing business with him or her. Now comes the merry creation of business partnerships!

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